Why You Should Open a Blog to Share Your Passion With Other Stamp Collectors

Are you wondering why you should open a blog? The answer is to share your passion with other stamp collectors from worldwide countries.

And did you know you can also monetize your blogging activity to generate money to buy more stamps?

Let’s talk about it. If we look back four or five years ago, there was no such thing as a blog.

By the way, the word blog is the combination of two words: web and log as the website kept a log similar to a diary of opinions, thoughts, actions and/or reactions of the owners.

Nowadays, there are millions of them.


Because they are a great tool to create online communities of people interested in the same subjects.

Sharing your ideas, experiences and questions about the stamp collecting hobby with your loyal blog readership is a great way to build like-minded relationships.

On your blog, you can provide helpful information, resources, and news about your stamp quest journey and establish a fun dialogue on all the aspects of your collecting. In the long run, it will establish yourself as an authority and actively involved member of the stamp collecting community.

I recommend using WordPress for your blog, as it is fairly straightforward and comes with search engine optimization features already installed within, which will do well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, and therefore stamp collectors will find your website.

And the great news is that WordPress is free and very easy to work with.

All you need to start your own blog is a domain name (approximately $8-$10), a hosting company (about $10 per month) and your imagination (priceless!).

You will need to tend to your blog and grow it over time. They are plenty of benefits to be had if you go about it properly and in such a way that it will be a fun experience.

At the same time, why not monetize your blog and have it generate income to re-invest in your stamp collection?

Some people have strong personal feelings with respect to generating income from their blogs.

As someone said (unfortunately, I do not remember the name)

If you think it is greedy, then don’t do it as you will probably self-sabotage yourself. If you have mixed feelings, then sort these feelings out If you think that it is wonderful concept, then do it. Whatever you decide is fine.
If your blog provides valuable content, you fully deserve to earn income from it.

The blogosphere changes rapidly and creates multitude of opportunities. Why not benefit from it and, at the same time, help others?

There are multiple ways of generating income from your blog: advertising space, affiliate commissions and selling your own products.

Think about it…

And take action!